View from the Schöne Aussicht Hütte to the South.

For a one week of ski touring holiday mid March with a rather unstable and every day changing forecast my group of 5 people opted for Südtirol/Graubünden Region. Other options in Switzerland were just too much to drive for this forecast.
With 3 perfect days, 3 bad days and 2 mediocre days we chose the perfect iternary. The puzzle pieces can be combined also in different ways according to the forecast.
Day 1: arrival/drivingt and ascent in bad weather to Schöne Aussicht Hut via the sking resort in Kurzras.
Day 2: all the way to Weißkugel and another night at the hut as this was is one of the best (food, sauna) we ever stayed in.
Day 3: bad weather descent via ski resort and driving 2.5h to Switzerland. Ascent in bad weather via the sking slope to Diavolezza hut.
Day 4: Piz Palü and via the Morteratsch glacier down. The evening we stayed at the Hospiz at Bernina Pass in an apartment.
Day 5: now we started a shorter 3 hut crossing. In best sunny weather ascent to Chamanna Es-cha and adding smaller mountain next to the hut.
Day 6: bad weather: crossing from Es-Cha to Chamanna Kesch would only require 2.5h on the direct trip via Porta Es-Cha. We tried a longer option. Especially the direct crossing should be doable with a short weather window also on a bad day.
Day 7: from Chamanna Kesch via Scalettapass to Chamanna Grialetsch
Day 8: from Grialetsch Hut via Sarsura saddle back down to civilization and hitch-hiking back to car in Madulain.

Travel wise having Schöne Aussicht Hütte either at the end or beginning is logical. For acclimatization not starting with Weißkugel or Palü is also very smart: we suffered quite a bit on Weißkugel. Either a day extra there and acclimatization for example on Finailspitze, descending to Hochjoch Hospiz to safe 300 vertical metres or some other higher trip before is definitely helpful.
This tour can be also part of the Venter runde or to travel to Italy/Martell afterwards instead of Switzerland. To Vent public transportation from Vienna/Munich is working very well.

The hut is amazing, bit more expensive than other alpine huts but more than worth it. Dear was severed on one day, every bed had a towel and a sauna towel and sauna and outdoor "pool" were already included in the price. Breakfast was with croissants and scrambled eggs, something I never ever had on a hut. Just for the food staying there a couple of days is worth it!

Up to Schöne Aussicht Hütte
It can be done from either Hochjoch Hospiz/Ötztal or Schöne Aussicht Hütte/Südtirol. Usually for Austrians it makes more sense from the North but for us we chose Südtirol and went up the skiing resort in Kurzras. There's no assigned ski touring up but walking next to the slope was accepted.

Arrival at the parking lot, for ascending we chose the slope straight ahead as it seemed wider. Keeping to the side of the slope for not disturbing anyone, but anyways hardly any skiers.

An alternative for the first day is to take the cable car and already add Finailspitze and ski down to the Schöne Aussicht Hütte afterwards.

Last metres to the hut, always along the slope.

For Weißkugel after breakfast you follow the slopes up, either for pretty long or turning sooner to the free area to ascent on a more direct path to the saddle Eggjoch, 3163m. Skiing down on the other side to the Hintereisferner (a nice ascent on the way back!) and trying to cross as high as possible into the glacier to save energy. The landscape and panorama is already awesome in this valley and from now on you mainly follow the glacier to the back towards Weißkugel.
The Eggjoch, at the lowest point more or less removing the skins and skiing down!

View towards today's destination: the Hintereisferner is the path. In the middle Weißkugel, the small saddle to the left of it is where you cross to the other side to ascent Weißkugel from a less steep path. The peak to the right is the Langtauferer Spitze, less crowded and just for the descent it is a better choice than the Weißkugel.
Bottom: centre right Weißkugel, centre the saddle to cross.

To the right the way up after the saddle/Hintereisjoch. Then around the cornice and up the white face, kick-turns needed but for us, it worked without Harscheisen/crampons.

Ski depot, from here crampons are very much advised as you never know how icy it will be. We went without axis, but would have been better with it than just the poles.

Ridge to the summit cross.

Just like going up. One option as well is to cross sooner to the Schöne Aussicht valley, probably at Teufelsjoch to safe some vertical metres and arrive sooner in the skiing area. We opted for out ascent track, but the ascent back up to the Eggjoch was with the lack of acclimatization very tiring!
For returning to Ötztal or having a different tour, you can also descend to Hochjoch Hospiz and spend the night there.

From Schöne Aussicht Hütte to the car park it is just via the skiing ressort. Alternatively, to have a more full day program it is possible to add for example the Finailspitze and ski down from there.

After the descent we hopped into the car, stopped for lunch in Italy and ascended to the Diavolezza hut the same day. Here is the report.


Duration: 2 Days
Overnight Stay: Night at hut
Others: Public transport, Amazing food hut, 3000 peak, Peak
Difficulty: Black (+multi-pitch, glacier, exposed free climbing)
Region: Ötztal
Country: Austria

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