I would say a very challenging but great tour. We were lucky to be picked up at the end by car but it is also doable without a car (or with a car at the starting point, by publics Ostirol is rather difficult/long lasting to reach unfortunately). You will get a 3000m peak, cross at a 5 valleys or more and end up very close the Südtirol and the very last end of the Austrian Defereggental.

Overview: Virgen- Wetterkreuzhütte- Zupalseehütte- Lasörlinghütte-Lasörling-Reichenberger Hütte-Rottenmann Törl- Jagdhausalmen- Obere Seebachalm

Lasörlinghütte (quite unsual hexagonal shaped), pointy peak to the right is the name-giving Lasörling.

Access car
Getting to Osttirol is not the easist, by car through the Felbertauerntunnel the best option though. In Virgen there is a big parking lot where all the hikes to the different huts start. From St. Jakob/Defereggental you can take a bus via Huben back to Virgen to your car.

Access public transportation
Train service is unfortunately really not working well with Osttirol, trains to either Innsbruck or Mittersill or Mallnitz and then you continue with bus, just check the link above. Starting point for us was in Virgen, buses are as reliable as train so you will definitly make it to your final destination! Virgen Kirche should be the closest point.

From the Jadghausalmen you need to go down to the parking lot and follow the toll street (or hitchhike ;) ) down till the bus stop Katzleitenbrücke, with this you have ~twice per day a connection to Lienz from where you have buses and trains bringing you back again.

Day 1: from Virgen in around 3h to Wetterkreuzhütte, as an alternative there is also a taxi service bringing you up to that hut, one way costs 12 euros, in 2019 the Wetterkreuzhütte had no tennant and no foods or drinks were served there. Then you will continue to the Zupalseehütte, it´s rather flat and very nicely done therefore for families or old people it is also already worth taking this path in combination with the taxi. The path divides and you can either walk along the hill for around 1,5h and 300 vertical metres or take the path via Legerle (~2h) which will add another 150 vertical metres. The Zupalseehütte is nicely located next to a lake, it is private run and you can also sleep there. We had amazing Käsespätzle and maybe even more important great views to Grossvenediger AND Grossglockner, the hut people were also nice to explain probably for the 100th time a season which mountain is where. From there another 2h and you will have the well deserved last hut of the day, the Lasörlinghütte, also private owned and interesting architecture as it is not a square but in the shape of a hexagon. Great food, milk from the local Alm made it a nice evening.

Zupalseehütte, next to the Zupalsee, from the terrace proper views to Venediger and Glockner, accomponied by great food!